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Granite and Quartz Protection Plan

Protect your new kitchen countertop or vanity with a Granite & Quartz Surface Protection Plan offered by The Stone Company!

The Granite and Quartz Surface Protection Plan is a 60-Month service contract thru The Stone Company Online. We offer no-cost professional in-home technician services and repair protection. You are protected against accidental foodborne stains, marks, chips, seaming or grouting fails, and other unintentional household damages!

Your new Investment is Protected with Professional Support and Trained Technician Repair Services!

Items Covered for No-cost Repairable Support Include:

✓ Repairable Chips, Pits, Crystal Fails, and Incidental Scratches ✓ Household Stains or Marking Occurrences from Routine Use ✓ Food, Beverage/Wine, Grease/Oil, and Cosmetic Staining ✓ Seam, Joint, Caulking, Backsplash, and Grout Expansions/Fails

butter stained granite
Chipped Granite
Damaged Quartz Counter